History of Eixsys Free Clinic: How it all Began: Biography of Amin Salahuddin

Amin Salahuddin, MSC.

Amin Salahuddin is the CEO of Eixsys Health Care Systems and founder of Eixsys Free Clinic in Austin, Texas. Mr. Salahuddin obtained his Masters degree in Technology Management with a minor in business administration from DeVry University’s Keller School of Business a nationally recognized expert on Healthcare Administration, compliance, and Information Technology. Amin developed American Medical Information Network (AMIN) and worked with professionals in the field nationwide. Amin was awarded with Thompson Reuters Innovation Award for improving patient care through technology. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Business Administration focused on Healthcare Administration at Cal University in California.

Dr. Jubril Oyeyemi Medical Director.

Dr. Jubril Oyeyemi Medical Director and is a board certified internal medicine hospitalist. Dr. Oyeyemi attended Penn State School of Medicine and completed his residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He is responsible for all clinicians which include doctors, nurses, medical assistants, scribes, and pharmacy staff. Dr. Oyeyemi hopes to minimize emergency room visits by providing a continuity of care for underinsured and uninsured. He focuses on clinical assessment, treatment plan of action, prescriptions, and follow-ups. He oversees corporate sponsorship, partnerships, and health initiative collaborations in health education and referral services.

Rashidah Khalifa, CMA(Certified Medical Assistant)

Rashidah Khalifa is Operations Manager for the Cherry Hill Free Clinic. She is certified in home health care, phlebotomy, electrocardiogram, and medical assisting. Mrs. Khalifa graduated from The College of New Jersey with a bachelors degree in Women and Gender Studies and a minor in Marketing. She is in charge of all clinical operations in regards to record keeping, inventory, HIPPA privacy practice, OSHA Guidelines, Compliance & Quality Assurance, Expense reports, Coordinating and Staffing Volunteers and serving as a contact for both volunteer and sponsorship inquiries. She is the developer of R.U.S.H. Campaign (Recruiting Unique Skillful Humanitarians) that aims to match unique and skillful volunteers with needs of the clinic while obtaining volunteer hours and references.