Cherry Hill Free Clinic (CHFC) founded by Dr. Jubril Oyeyemi and Rashidah Khalifa,CMA on April 1, 2017 is a subsidiary of EIXSYS Healthcare System (EHS), a non-profit organization that focuses on preventative health, continuity of care, and optimal health stabilization. Cherry Hill Free Clinic is the second location for Eixsys Healthcare Systems and is funded solely by the donation of people in the community, businesses, and volunteers. CHFC-Eixsys Healthcare System provides comprehensive primary care with support resources. It is led by teams of medical professionals committed to quality improvement that coordinates and integrates a patient’s care across multiple medical, behavioral, social, mental, and physical aspects.


To provide free compassionate preventative medical care for those without insurance and who are underinsured while providing all the dignity and confidentiality that every medical facility follows. We aim to provide a safety net for those who have fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system whether they are independent business owners unable to pay for insurance or landscapers and part-time employees who do not qualify for insurance.


The Muslim community is eager to serve our uninsured and underinsured in our local community with the collaboration from our neighbors, friends, family, and business. In 5 years we hope to collaborate with sponsors, individuals, and businesses to increase our patient base by closing the gap between the insured and uninsured and providing services weekly.


Cherry Hill Free Clinic embodies not just a physical place for primary and preventive care, but also a place for interpersonal relationships for all patients, regardless of income, immigration status, insurance status, race, class, gender, religion and we do this in a culturally-appropriate environment with dignity, integrity, and respect while following confidentiality privacy practices.